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Cognitiv Automatic AI Background Removal Technology

Remove Image Background AutomaticallyIn Seconds.

no-bg is an online background removal service developed by Cognitiv that uses custom artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automatically remove background from images within seconds in just a single click.

Automatic background removal technology helps businesses in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their current workflow. It’s ability to quickly 100% automatically remove background from images is extremely helpful, particularly in business operations that involves the use of graphic editing.

Any firms and enterprises planning to automatically remove background from images to increase productivity to allow their designers to spend more time on other more relevant, useful parts of their business workflow can leverage our state of the art Automatic Background Removal technology. Visit no-bg’s website to learn more on how different businesses can use this technology.

Example Of Cognitiv's OCR Before
Example Of Cognitiv's OCR After


Increase Productivity

Depending on the complexity of the image you are trying to remove the background from, removing backgrounds from images is a long tedious process that usually takes anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours or even more.

With our Automatic Background Removal technology, you are able to accomplish this easily, 100% automatically and all that in just a few seconds!

Time is precious. Instead of spending hours at the desk working on all these tedious tasks, now you are able to take your valuable time & skills elsewhere where it’s much more important.


Stunning Accuracy

Removing backgrounds from images used to be a very tedious and costly process only graphic designers could do. That is a thing of the past now with our Automatic Background Removal technology!

Our AI beautifies your product by removing unnecessary distractions just within a few seconds.


Endless Possibilities

Removing backgrounds that easily means that you can integrate user’s contents easily to match with your own design and also generate high quality content for SEO 100% automatically.

Build stunning AR / VR experiences, create mind-blowing image editing applications and make product customizations for E-Commerce so simple and easy to use.

Let’s create something extraordinary


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